Fear of Fanny

Character: Jane
Directed by: Coky Giedroyc
Written by: Brian Fillis
Produced by: Angie Daniell, Ben Evans, Sally Woodward Gentle
Other cast: Julia Davis, Mark Gatiss, Jason Watkins, Steven O'Neill
Premiere date: 23 October 2006
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 20min

The bizarre tale of Fanny Cradock, Britain's famous and maligned TV chef from 50s to the 70s.

Synopsis (Warning: contains spoilers!)

In the black and white days of post-war British television, Fanny Cradock, with her painted-on eyebrows and excessive make-up, is a colourful figure in every sense, even dyeing the food to make it show up on monochrome sets. But she is also something of a tyrant, disowning her son Chris because she disapproves of his wife, so that even her long-suffering husband and co-presenter Johnnie is powerless to intervene. Fanny’s come-uppance comes about when she belittles a competition winner over her choice of menu in a television reality show. Audience disgust at Fanny’s over-bearing treatment of Devon housewife Gwen provokes such a backlash that the television company sacks her. After Johnnie’s death, she ends up as a resident, still trying to order the cooking, in a retirement home.


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