Whatever Love Means

Character: Sabrina Guinness
Directed by: David Blair
Written by: William Humble
Produced by: Michele Buck, Rebecca Keane, Jolyon Symonds, Damien Timmer
Other cast: Laurence Fox, Olivia Poulet, Simon Wilson, Alexandra Moen
Premiere date: 30 August 2006
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 35min

The story centers on Charles Windsor and Camilla Shand's relationship in the early 1970s until 1981.

Synopsis (Warning: contains spoilers!)

In 1971, Camilla Shand (Olivia Poulet) meets Charles Windsor, The Prince of Wales (Laurence Fox) at a polo match. They get to know each other and begin dating. The relationship fizzles out when Charles travels overseas to join the Royal Navy in early 1973. Camilla immediately marries her ex-boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles (Simon Wilson). Though Charles is hurt upon hearing about her marriage, they remain friends. Throughout their friendship Charles and Camilla hide their feelings for each other until 1979 when Lord Mountbatten (Richard Johnson) is murdered and Charles visits her more for emotional support. They re-ignite their romantic relationship during this period. Charles is now in his early 30s and his family and the British media begins calling him out to find a suitable bride. He meets Diana Spencer (Michelle Duncan) who the media falls in love with and they eventually get engaged. Although everyone is happy Charles is about to settle down, Charles and Camilla are not due to their feelings for each other, however, they end their relationship. The story ends with Charles and Camilla getting ready for his wedding in 1981, both looking grim while dressing up for the occasion.

  • The title is taken from a remark made by Prince Charles in an interview when he and Lady Diana Spencer got engaged: the interviewer asked, “Are you in love?” Lady Diana said, “Oh yes!” and Prince Charles added, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.”
  • Director David Blair publicly disowned the movie and had his name removed from the credits after broadcasters ITV re-edited/re-cut the project without his approval.
  • Laurence Fox would later play Prince Charles’s maternal grandfather King George VI in W.E. (2011).

[In Camilla’s flat afer their first date. Charles’s detective is waiting in the car outside]
Camilla Parker-Bowles: How long does that chappie have to wait outside?
Prince Charles: As long as I’m in here.
Camilla Parker-Bowles: So what do we do – send out food and drink at regular intervals? Or do they bring in supplies from the Palace? I suppose you’ve had all these jokes before.
Prince Charles: Well, most people are a *little* more circumspect.
Camilla Parker-Bowles: Circumspect?
Prince Charles: One gets very used to being called “Sir”.
Camilla Parker-Bowles: But you told me not to. Look, I *do* know about royal bloody protocol, Charles. Do you know who my grandmother was? My great grandmother, actually. She was your great great grandfather’s mistress, Charles. And do you know what she said her job was? She said “My job is to curtsy to the King first… then jump into bed with him!”
Prince Charles: Did she really?
Camilla Parker-Bowles: Yes she did.
[Camilla looks longingly and seductively at Charles]
Prince Charles: Are you by any chance saying what I think you’re saying?
Camilla Parker-Bowles: Put it this way, Charles. I’m buggered if I’m curtsying.

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