Hayley Captain Carter Live-Action Series In Development

One day we’ll reach critical mass on the number of series or movies that can exist within one franchise, but we’re definitely not there yet. Far from it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is proof positive of that considering they are now almost 15 years into this thing and it seems like the world is only growing. This won’t rest until every character has his or her own series or film. And that’s the case with the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source. It appears that Hayley Atwell is going to now get her own show in a Captain Carter live-action series.

We are still waiting on details around how this Hayley Atwell character will shake out in live-action form but there are a number of different ways this can play out. Considering the Multiverse is up and running with Doctor Strange and company about to take a romp through all of those different iterations, it looks like we will get this character in an alternate timeline. This part makes sense considering we know Peggy Carter didn’t run through the Captain Carter arc in the Avengers timeline. In that one, Hayley Atwell as Peggy helped form S.H.I.E.L.D. after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger.

We did get a quicker story about Captain Carter in What If… with that story centering on how Steve Rogers died in the run-up to World War II. This led to Peggy taking the super-soldier serum instead. It is how she ended up taking on the moniker. Hayley Atwell voiced the character in the episode so that there was some continuity on that front. Of course, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio has remained as consistent as possible with casting, even carrying over folks from the Netflix group as well as the ABC stable of shows when necessary. Hayley Atwell was part of this group as well, starring in Agent Carter which lasted just two seasons.

Adding a Captain Carter series to Disney+ is another cool planned project for the streamer and yet another way to build out characters in the MCU. Hayley Atwell, in general, has been a bit underutilized in the core stable of series and films though much of that had to do with how the timing of the franchise played out. With her coming on in the original WWII timeline before everything skipped ahead to Captain America getting out of the ice in the “present” day, there weren’t a ton of ways to effectively bring her into things within the framework of the core universe (hence the ABC series). But this could change all of that, especially in an alternate timeline in which she is holding the Captain America shield.

We should be getting a more clear view of how Disney+ and Marvel plan to work in a Captain Carter series with Hayley Atwell in the lead. With the Multiverse, now really anything is possible. In the meantime, upcoming Marvel series include She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, Armor Wars, and more.

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