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SFX Magazine – February 2016

I’ve just added high-quality digital scans of the February 2016 issue of SFX Magazine, which has an article on the second season of Agent Carter, in the photo gallery. Check them out:

New ‘Agent Carter’ Promo & First Still Revealed

As the site will celebrate its 3 months online next week (and its 150,000 views in the gallery!!), I just uploaded a new theme in both main site and gallery. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or to mention me on Twitter to let me know what you think of it!

A new promo for the second season of Agent Carter has been released, which I linked below. I’ve also just the first episode still of Hayley as Peggy Carter to the photo gallery, as well as a high-quality version of the poster we already know:

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Our gallery has just been updated with Blu-Ray screen captures of Hayley’s cameo as Peggy Carter in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hayley only appears in the movie for a few minutes, but if you’ve seen it yourself, you know it was absolutely worth it. Check out the screen captures in the photo gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Hayley Attends Salt Lake Comic Con

Thanks to their Official Facebook Page, I have been able to add pictures of Hayley crashing Chris Evans’s panel at Salt Lake Comic Con. Check out 7 pictures in medium quality in the photo gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below.

First Poster of Agent Carter Season 2

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have a first look at the second season of Agent Carter. The poster, which was released yesterday, is now available in our gallery. Let’s hope an un-tagged version will soon come out!


VVV Magazine Outtakes

I’ve just added outtakes from Hayley’s latest shoot for VVV Magazine. I’ll let you discover those beautiful pictures by clicking on the thumbnails below – as for scans, they are available for viewing here.

Gallery Updates: Agent Carter Series 1

Hello there! I’ve just updated our gallery with episode stills and promotional pictures of Hayley as Peggy Carter in the first series of Agent Carter. You can also browse the screen captures of Hayley’s scene by clicking here. Don’t forget that season 2 is coming in 2016!

Gallery Updates: Events from 2015

I’ve just finished uploading pictures of Hayley attending various ceremonies and events in the photo gallery. All 2015 pictures are available by clicking here or on the thumbnails below. You can also browse every pictures of previous years here!

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